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Into the Starlit Night, Foolish Dreamers Turn Their Gaze... - Now Some Flowers, They Never Bloom.
and some flowers, they just bloom dead.
Into the Starlit Night, Foolish Dreamers Turn Their Gaze...

Seasons Came and Changed the Time
2004 - 2005

April - Met Devin
Memories -

- 3 consecutive dates lasting until 3AM on work nights
- Making him watch Naruto with me
- Playing supersmash brothers with him on our first "date"
- Getting him sick on our first week


May - First Boyfriend
Memories -

- Taking him to see Batboy
- Watching him be drunk for his first time
- Oogling over topless skaters with him in Santa Barbara
- Getting my only write up at work for being on a personal call with him
- Fighting over inappropriateness with his ex boyfriend
- Double dates with Nolan/Tyler, Nick/Mark, Mark/Rodrigo
- Having someone to hold overnight consistently
- Experiencing my first break up

May 14 - Gay Day Knotts Berry Farm
Memories -

- Taking a cab there with Melissa, Crissy, Ray, Bayon, and Devin
- Coloring all over Bayon
- Riding Supreme Scream alone because Devin gets squeamish on rides

July 19 - Promotion
Memories -

- Taking it away from the person who was in line to get it
- Began my role as New Hire Trainer

August 7 - 10 - Fresno Road Trip
Memories -

- Ray getting lippy with the bartender at "The Circle"
- Marcus and Celine
- Being lost in downtown Fresno and being rescued by "skittles" the gay asian raver
- Subjecting ray to countless musicals on the ride there and back
- Being a bad friend to someone

August 14 - 21st Birthday Party
Memories -

- Having a stage brought in

- 2 live rock bands

- 80's DJ

- Fully stocked bar with bartender</b>

August 19 - 21st Birthday
Memories -

- TGI Fridays with all my close friends
- Club Transistor
- Pretending I can dance

August 20 - 23 - Las Vegas
Memories -

- Staying at the Luxor
- Ray, Omar, Danny, Darian
- Spending 3 hours drinking margaritas and playing bust a move at Excalibur
- Chambord, Vodka, and Sprite
- Going to Club Gypsies and meeting Jamie

September 9 - 12 - Jamie's Visit
Memories -

- Double date to the abbey with Ray, Matt, and Jamie
- Taking Jamie to see Little Shop of Horrors at the Ahminson
- Taking Jamie to Disneyland on a double with Mark and Rodrigo
- Bartending Liane's Birthday party and making $100 in tips
- Jamie convincing me to audition for Toy Soldiers again

September 16 - Mt Baldy
Memories -

- 14 mile round trip
- Chasing mountain goats
- Seeing a twister blow off a ladies hat
- Reaching the summit finally

The Devils Backbone:
3 mile stretch leading to the summit with certain death on both sides

September 23 - 25 - Disney Auditions
Memories -

- Jamies 2nd time visiting me
- Making Toysoldiers again
- Taking Jamie to Hamburger Marys, Fire Island, and Silverfox
- Ending things with Jamie - on a good note might I add

October 1 - Gay Day Magic Mountain
Memories -

- Booking a hotel room 5 minutes away from the park
- Watching black ladies get in a fight with an arabian man on the tram
- The park having no booze at all
- Ray not approving of the boy I met there

October 2 - Gay Day Disneyland
Memories -

- Meeting with Charles, Mathew, Ray, Anajoe, Akira, Vincent
- Randomly deciding to go to Tijuana
- Shooting the idea down and going to Kingdom instead
- Getting hit on by a cute San Diego boy

October 30 - Rogers Halloween Party
Memories -

- Dressing up as a drug addicted boyscout complete with track marks

October 31 - Halloween
Memories -

- Renting a hotel suite 2 blocks behind Rage with Ray
- Arguing my way into Club Here telling them my tab was still open
- Making out with a girl and then having her draw a happy trail on herself

November 19 - Christmas Fantasy Parade Run Begins

November 19 - Position as Acting Manager Begins

December 11 - Department Christmas Party
Memories -

- Feeling like $1000 because I was wearing $1000
- Getting upset with Devin over him taking too long on deciding to go or not
- Having a guy get mad at me because he thought I was hitting on his girl (nigga please)

December 31 - 01 - New Years Eve
Memories -

- Booking a Hotel Suite 2 blocks from The Abbey
- Taking my famous Jager picture
- Kissing Jamie at midnight
- having my first fight with Ray
- Ray drunkenly buying tickets for Spain

January 19 - Official Promotion
Memories -

- Began my role as manager

January 29 - 30 - Las Vegas
Memories -

- Francisco locking the keys in the car while in Victorville
- Going to Gypsies with Jamie
- Causing a ruckus at the craps tables

February 3 - 7 - San Francisco
Memories -

- Realizing how important David is to me
- Being baptized in Wine
- Hanging with the 418 crowd
- Meeting fuido and my_other_ljname
- Going to The Castro for my first time

February 12 - Single Awareness Party
Memories -

- Cohosting it with Roger Bueno and Joe Bravo
- Kissing a straight boy
- Drawing over 100 people in attendance
- Ray flying in from Spain to surprise me

February 25 -27 - Big Bear
Memories -

- Eating it face first in the snow
- Bartending for the girls
- Staying in a Beautiful Cabin
- Watching it snow for the first time
- Having an encounter with a Giant Mountain Yeti Dog 2 cabins up the way

March 4 - 7 - San Francisco
Memories -

- Driving a 2005 Infiniti
- Changing Richies name to Bitchie
- Leaving on the trip at 2AM right after Boys Room
- EthanIsASexyStud
- Buying the worlds sexiest jacket
- Watching Little Shop of Horrors
- Karaokeing "Dentist" at The Mint
- Getting hooked on Sex in the City

March 10 - Gay Porn Awards
Looking forward to -

- Being on the V.I.P. list
- The private afterparty at the Abbey
- Hanging out with Kris
- Seeing my boys Ray, Joe, and Richie
- Open bar at the Abbey

March 17 - 21 - New Orleans
Looking forward to -

- Crazy Antics with Ray, Charles, and Thomas
- Arriving on St Patricks Day
- Catching some live Jazz
- Being in a new city

April 29 - 01 - Las Vegas
Looking forward to-

- Nolans 21st Birthday
- Winning Losing money
- Going to Club Gypsies
- Hanging with Jamie

Current Mood: nostalgic nostalgic
Current Music: Bare ; "Portrait of a Girl"

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