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You're living in America, Leave your conscience at the tone. - Now Some Flowers, They Never Bloom.
and some flowers, they just bloom dead.
You're living in America, Leave your conscience at the tone.
Well it's been quite a while since I update this journal... yes... quite a while. I'm looking back at my previous entries, that whole "Tim" thing that was so important to me a while back seems like a blur now. We dated for about 3 weeks and he ended up wanting to "Date" casually - IE wanting to hook up and thats it, and thats that. I ran into him at the silverfox a few months later, he didn't look nearly as good.

I'm going to summarize the past few months -

>So I don't work at Disney anymore.
>John broke up with Jenny... He's been around on and off.
>I climbed Mt. Chapman, 11 miles in knee deep snow.
>The Club Clockwork Orange rocks my socks.
>As does West Hollywood on Wednesday nights (2 for 1 drinks until 12:30AM)
>I've been hanging out with Ray alot, he has become a good friend of mine
>Good Times.
>Steven seems to only call me when he needs a ride.
>Bad Times.
>Propel fitness water now comes in Kiwi Strawberry and Tropical Punch (Lemon is still better)
>I may have found a career
>I bought a car- pictures to follow soon -
>I'm dating a wonderful guy - again, pictures to follow soon (upon permission.)
>Income for the month of March - $3300
>The last 5 years is a beautiful Musical
>I plan to move out very soon
>Outbacks Chicken tastes like steak.
>October Sky is an amazing movie
>I need to play my trumpet more, my endurance is gone.
>South Park made a hillarious episode in which the whole town turns "Metro"
>All my hot male coworkers are having a fierce gay orgy behind my back.
>Played an Easter gig for a church - $250 for 3 services, not bad.
>I miss Toy Soldiers.
>I'm going to New York at the end of May for 5 days to Watch the musicals Wicked - Avenue Q - and Bare.
>I'm having Delusions of grandeur.
>He has big green eyes.
>My friendster was down for a month, thank god it's back up.
>Bitches at Columbia House have yet to send me my next 7 DVDs.
>No one will watch the Jesus movie with me.

He's almost here, time to clean my room. ---

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Current Music: Rent ; "Christmas Bells"

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